Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Feature Five
Week Two

 Bad Tourist

Huw Andrews (UK)

"I am a stout and confident seagull from Sausalito, my name is Bad Tourist. I
misbehave when people eat ice cream or take photos of San Francisco Bay.
My personal photographer, Huw Andrews, has sent me on this adventure to
reward and share my brilliance." - Huw Andrews 2011

Keep Still

Hester Jones (UK)

Based in London, Jones’ beautifully composed works are an elegant and moving 
 "investigation into representations of feminine and culturally constructed gendered identities". 

Jessica Hoad (UK)
Hoad uses everyday found objects to create large scale experiential 
installations explore the notion of "what happens to us shapes us". Based in South West 
England, more of Hoad's work can be viewed on the Saatchi Gallery website  

Synapse 3

Caroline Jane Harris (UK)

 Harris' compelling prints are equally haunting and beautiful. Based in
London, Harris uses stunning craft and complex precision to create surreal and fractured illusions.


Brendan McCumstie (AUS)

Based in New South Wales, Australia McCumstie's humorous works 
explore notions of memory, history and gender politics. Working across sculpture, collage, 
installation and photography, McCumstie creates fun, articulate and fascinating work.

Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Feature Five
Week One

 Please Mind the Gap Peak Time Commute

Bethany Milam (UK)

Bethany Milam is an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist, based in Hampshire, UK. 
Milam's work addresses the divide between reality and imagination through the
creation of fictional worlds or the transformation of the ‘ordinary’.

Life After Zog

Chiara Tocci (ITA) 

Chiara Tocci's photographic practice explores the fragile nature 
of cultural difference and identity. Travelling widely to engage 
with her subjects, Tocci is currently based in London.
Tesco Value Plain Flour

Sarah Barrett (UK)

Barrett romantically engages the aesthetics of the everyday. 
A celebration of thrift, DIY and lo-fi culture, Barrett's work 
delightfully unpicks the popular values of consumer societies. 

  I am Alive

Thomas Heidt (AUS)

Born in Germany, Heidt is an Australian based visual artist. Heidt's works 
utilise the potential of materials to explore the relationship between scientific processes, 
repetitive form and emotional and rational methods of construction.


Gavin Campbell (UK)

Based in Northern Ireland, Campbell is an interdisciplinary artist whose work 
is influenced by issues of border/boundaries, space/place and identity. He addresses
the political and social aspects of identity, contested land and conflicted spaces.

OPEN CALL postcard exhibition

The Trans-Siberian Arts Centre OPEN CALL postcard exhibition submissions have now closed. Woop!

We've had an incredible response from over 180 international artists from Spain to Australia to Cypus to the UK to Russia to France and many more!

All 180 postcards will now be shown across 3 countries to an international audience at the Trans-Siberian Arts Centre as they travel along the Trans-Siberian train route from Moscow to Beijing in April 2011. 

Big ups to all the artists who submitted!