T-SAC Footage



“we’re on the train!” (britt)

“we are on the mother f***ing train!” (jon)

Left: 26th April 2011, Yaroslavsky Station, Moscow.

“wondering how to go about getting the postcards covering all the cabin walls without getting in trouble, we’re feeling like naughty kids.” (britt)                   

“we’re scared. nervous. but f*** it. its art. we like art. we like the artists we’re showing.” (jon) 

“of course, our own safety + making it to beijing without being kicked off the train or having equipment stolen is high priority but what about the fun t-sac can bring uh?!” (britt)  

“we asked the guard if we could put things on walls. he didn’t understand. he said ‘no’. a lot. but i’ll take that as a maybe?!” (jon)


“we had a stroll through the train. we didn’t leave until 2135 so most people were quiet and off to bed” (jon)

“we haven’t tried much art yet. we’ve mentioned what we’re doing to a couple of people. they seem mildly interested.” (jon)

“it feels like we should just go for it!” (britt)


“and we are open! Officially! If there is an official-ness to opening a door?!”  (jon)

“oo oo, our first sneak peak people just walked past. this silly idea might just get its’ audience “ (britt)

Left: T-SAC at Carriage 9, Trans-Siberian train 4

“we had our first visitors this morning and the dvds are looking great".(britt)

“they liked the postcards, a couple in particular. We have gone for a 30-a-day strategy, much like most Russian smokers! 30 postcards each day for 5 days.” (jon)

 “at balyezino station t-sac comleted its first performance, danae valenza’s ‘handshake’. it went well. very well.” (jon)

Left: T-SAC Visitors Day 2

“danae valenza’s ‘handshake’ worked a treat!” (britt)

“I’m sure everyone thinks we’re weirdo’s… but nice ones!” (britt)

“we’re feeling more and more confident about t-sac today, definitely.” (britt)

Above: "Handshake" by Danae Valenza (Performed by britt+jon), Balyezino Station, Russia.


 “we had 8 visitors today, all of which had a chat to us for a good old length, picked their favourite postcards and asked us what we were up to.” (britt)

Left: Open Call Postcard Exhibition (Installation) at T-SAC, Cabin 5. 

“we installed all the postcards today. it looks f***ing ace. like proper good. like well good. really f***ing bloody great. thanks everyone for sending them in!” (jon)

"our second performance of danae valenza’ ‘handshake’ got lots of laughs, from the guards + passengers, two of the strangers joined in” (britt)

Left: Visitors at T-SAC, Cabin 5

“there are only actually about 40 people on the train, so the fact we’ve had 13 visit already is great!” (britt)

“we made friends. they came to the exhibition today” (jon)

 Left: Danae Valenza "Handshake" (Performed by britt+jon) at Novosibirsk Station, Russia.

"morsels from the restaurant cart menu – “mixed saltings (wild lick, cucumber and tomatoes)” with “nausea” and “language”. (britt)

Left: Novosibirsk Station, Russia


“more passengers have got on the train. others have left. so there’s a slowly widening audience as we go along.” (britt)

“word is getting around about the project. passengers are chatting to each other about us and sending cabin-mates that haven’t been yet!” (britt)

Left: Andreas and Britt at T-SAC

“andreas from norway turned up for a gander at the work. we had fun.”

“i don’t know what time it is, if I’m hungry, thirsty, tired, got a headache, smell, am drunk or bored? do i need a wee? a cigarette? some fresh air? a walk?” (jon)

“its 2pm moscow time in the train, but 7pm outside!” (britt)

“after andreas a number of other travellers turned up. a mix of bewilderment, amusement and confusion insued.” (jon)

Left: britt+jon, "Rock, Paper, Scissors", 2011

“more confident about the performances now. (the fact) we can attract an audience whilst doing them and not getting told off by the guards” (britt)

“anastasia klose’s performance will have to be filmed in the cabin. russia has very traditional views of women so we can run the risk of really offending others.” (britt)

Above: the T-SAC Visitors book and button badges

“a guard turned up. then some more. communication had been made. they looked. they laughed. they took a badge. we smiled. they smiled. all good thankfully!” (jon)

 Left: Lake Baikal, day four.


“while having breakfast at t-sac we had our 20th visitor!” (britt)

Left: jon in the overhead storage

“its morning! no, its not. its afternoon! no. its yesterday! no, its now! its breakfast time! i just ate lunch! is it too early for beer? where are we? what day is it?” (jon)

“today got swallowed up by border changes.” (britt)

“turns out most of the russian and mongolian border security + customs teams + their dogs like what we’re doing. great news!” (jon)

“their curiosity was testament for us that this kind of pop-up project can work and be enjoyed, whilst also exposing new art.” (britt)

“visitor 20 just came back again, does that count as 21?!” (britt)

“these kinds of responses born out of our unexpected project were, i think, what we most hoped for. a story to be initiated across passengers, staff and customs officers.” (britt)

Left: Siberia



“there was an influx of new passengers. so many of these people floated around t-sac to see the show, a flurry of interest.” (britt)

Left: britt+jon, "Work 850 (re-worked)" , 2011.

“t-sac rocked like well hard today. we was busy. we’ve had the best part of 40 guests in our time on the train.” (jon)

Left: Anastasia Klose, "Slap" (performed by britt+jon) Stills.

“that’s the total number of people that started on the train. get in!” (britt) 

 “we did some running, some slapping, some talking, some beering, some stopping, some going.” (jon)

“anastasia klose’s ‘slap’ was incredibly challenging, space restrictions in the cabin and over coming the fear of hitting each other!” (britt) 

Left: Last look T-SAC. Cabin 5, Carriage 9, Train No.4.

“hitting each other is hard. speaking chinese is harder.” (jon)

“we did our second ‘running’ performance. much much more successful than the first.” (britt)

“on this journey, one guest equals three life stories (our’s are getting really boring now!), a discussion about art; what, why how? a quizzing about why t-sac exists, its aim’s morals, beliefs, artists, past, future.” (jon)

“that is the beauty of this project. its genuine relationship building, where art can be explored and discussed with no pressure.” (jon)

“we’re in china! sat on the border.” (britt)

Left: Kirov Station, Russia- Day One
“what’s happened? i think we’ve created some questions. i reckon its worked. i reckon its failed. i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. we didn’t know what we were doing, we still don’t, but f*** its worth a try!” (jon)

 Left: Novosibirsk Station, Siberia- Day Three

“we started this as an idea that didn’t have a real point. it was just an opportunity; 1, for other emerging artists to get some airplay. 2, for jon + i to learn some skills in directing and artsexhibition/organization. 3, to add some interest and fun to the slow pace of life on the train. does there need to be more of a point? maybe its better to be honest in the fact that we didn’t know exactly what we’re doing, but we’re giving ourselves, our ideas and the work of as many artists as possible a chance to get a run and experiment, make some mistakes and hopefully end up knowing more than we did before about the possibilities that art has to integrate into different environments in unexpected ways.” (britt)

Above: jon at Zima Station, Russia- Day Four

 “beijing tomo – feeling exhausted and excited about how t-sac has gone.” (britt)

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