Open Call Postcard Exhibition
26th April- 2nd May 2011

Works by over 150 emerging artists from over 20 countries.

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Platform Performances
Curated by Danae Valenza for the Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Performed by: britt+jon
26th April- 2nd May 2011

Anastastia Klose (AUS)

Slapping Video, 2011
A test of each participant’s ability to bear physical and mental humiliation, this performance found the limits and relativity between two people

Slapping Video by Anastasia Klose (Performed by britt+jon), Carriage 9,Trans-Siberian train 4, 2011.

Danae Valenza (AUS)  

Handshake, 2011
Handshake for extended period with stranger or friend for longer than necessary...continue.    



 Handshake by Danae Valenza (Performed by britt+jon), Balyezino Station, Russia, 2011.


 Handshake by Danae Valenza (Performed by britt+jon), Novosibirsk Station, Russia, 2011.

Ocea Sellar (AUS)

Glitter Vomit, 2011   

An ode to travel sickness... in the most celebratory sense.

 Jessie Bullivant (AUS)

Cut Piece, 2011
Coming Soon...  

***You can find more T-SAC performances live on YouTube


New Works: Emerging Australian and UK Video Artists
Curated by britt+jon for the Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
26th April- 2nd May 2011

James Winnet (UK)
The Estate, 2008. 6 mins 20 secs.

The Estate is a 6 minute video filmed in suburban Warwickshire, England. The video opens with a sequence of shots of construction fences running through woodland.

The main section of the video depicts the dashboard view from a car as it slowly tours around a newly built housing estate at the dead of night. The car's stereo plays a CD of Elgar's Nimrod.

Glasgow based artist James Winnett was born in Birmingham in 1983. Recent work has focussed on sculpture, intervention, video and performance. Since receiving a BA in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University in 2006 he has developed work through residencies, exhibitions, public works and workshops. He is currently studying for his MA at Glasgow school of art.

Ocea Sellar (Aus) 
Test Pattern, 2011. 2 mins 8 secs.

Test Pattern is a visual exploration of politics and people through motion. Meander through a 2 minute psychedelic, kaleidoscopic journey!

Ocea Sellar is a film artist whose practice follows her fascination with the pace of living to explore relationships between speed, stillness, technology and still life. Ocea graduated with first class honours in Art from Curtin University of Technology in Perth 2007 and is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

Sarah Carne (UK)
I Love My Yugo, 2004. 22 mins

“In 2002 my car, (an inherited Yugo 45), passed its 15th MOT, narrowly and expensively as usual. Realising it didn’t have many years left in it I decided to treat it to one last adventure and attempt a trip back to Yugoslavia, its mother country. Imported in bulk to England in the 1980s Yugos are now virtually extinct in this country. In Eastern Europe, however, they are still ubiquitous, despite the NATO bombing of the factory, and legendary, evoking both national pride and embarrassment in equal measure. Arriving successfully in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) being surrounded by them was bizarre and strangely like a homecoming though mine still provoked much incredulity owing to its RH drive."

Sarah Carne graduated from Goldsmiths College with an MA in Fine Art and now lives and works in London. Her films have been shown in galleries and festivals around the world including East End Academy at Whitechapel Gallery, the Edinburgh Film Festival and the BBC Video Alcove.





Jessica Emily Price & dimple…(Aus) 

Silent Dialogue: Cake, 2011- 4min 13secs


This collaborative work between artist dimple... and Jessica Emily Price aims to address the intricate dynamics of intimate relationships between women. Drawing on aspects of their shared experience and a fascination with contemporary notions of feminist ideologies, the artists explore both the tender and thorny aspects of feminine relations through video.

Jessica Emily Price is a visual artist who lives and works in Melbourne. She works predominantly with mixed media installation including video, embroidery, sugar, plastic, ceramics, found objects and anything else that fits her concept.


dimple… is based in Melbourne, Australia. Dimple’s work is an exploration of her encounters with new cultures and how they impact her own identity formation and idea of cultural belonging in a foreign country.

Gavin Campbell (UK) 
Borders, 2010. 6 mins 41 secs.

In Borders, Campbell digs up a square foot of Northern Ireland and transports it across the Irish border where Campbell digs up a square foot of the Republic of Ireland and replaces the one with the other. The audio of this piece is the Irish national anthem being played in reverse. In deconstructing and then reconstructing a small piece of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, ‘Borders’ addresses issues of ownership, liberation, imprisonment, identity, sacrifice, ideas of slippage, estrangement, familiarity, alienation, entitlement and distance

Gavin Campbell is an Irish artist from Derry city. He studied at Belfast Art College, specialising in sculpture. He creates work in a range of mediums, sculpture, video, performance, sound and drawing. His work is influenced by subjects and issues of border/boundaries, space/place, and identity..

Aaron Head (UK) 
5…4…3…2…1…, 2010. 5 mins 4 secs.

5...4...3...2...1... responds to the apocalyptic day dreaming within the current cultural Zeitgeist. Its dual aim is to tap into a modern kind of fear and an excited sense of expectation. It's literal and ponderously linear form is intended to respond to our impulse for narrative.

Large narratives like Christianity, Judaism and Islam have imbued our culture with a sense of linear narrative. Before these phenomena we largely viewed history as cyclical, endlessly repeating itself. This can be seen in the unending sagas of the polytheistic religions in the Greek and Roman culture. We use linear narrative to give society greater direction and meaning.

Aaron Head is an artist who uses anything and everything at his disposal. His work has a distinct 'folk' or 'DIY' sensibility. Like many things 'folk' or anecdotal it attempts to use its colloquial tongue to tell tales of bigger truths and grand ideas. His work is often influenced by literature and film, exploring how these popular narratives colour and mediate everyday life.

Cyrus Tang (Aus) 
Remote Nation, 2009. 9 mins 10 secs.

Tang’s artworks are the articulation of her personal history and are loosely autobiographical and her aim has been to transform public spaces into psychological spaces by incorporating these feelings. Tang’s art works reflect a sentiment of nostalgia through a process of disappearance. “They outline my effort to construct an imaginary space which is made up of my distorted childhood memories and fantasies of homeland. It also reflects my examination of the paradox of reconstructing ephemeral mental images and sensations in permanent materials.”

Born in Hong Kong, Cyrus (Wai-kuen) Tang moved to Australia in 2003. She finished her Degree (Hons) of Fine Arts at Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne in 2004, and her Master of Fine Arts (Research) in Monash University, Melbourne in 2009.


Roderick Sprigg (AUS)
It happened around the time of the emu-shoot, (2003) 5 mins, 32 secs
"This work began my keen interest in themes of rights-of-passage and mental illness in young males. It was made a few short years after a friend took their own life our small town of 500 people."

Like the subjects that go with masculinity, Roderick’s work is hard to pin down. His sculptural performance pieces are investigations that encourage the audience to apply their own experience and histories. The works often relate to the psychological and physical drives of Man with mind and body converging on one another until there is an ultimate failure or success.”- Roderick Sprigg 2011

jon hewitt (UK)
the lights are on and everyone is home, but no one is interested,2011. 2 mins 0 secs                                                                                                                       
the lights are on… is a glimpse at the unseen everyday. an event that is often missed, usually ignored and always beautiful, a street lamp turning on.

jon hewitt was born in the UK. his work explores the mundane and everyday, its absurdity and beauty. working in varying media from painting to video, sculpture to performance, hewitt uses humour, popular culture and himself as a means to explore the morality of absurdity. hewitt has completed an honours degree at oxford brookes university and is co-director of ARI kitchen with artist britt salt and the trans-siberian arts centre.

Erin Coates & Justin Spears (Aus)
Erasing the White Castle (2010) Soundtrack by Aidan Baker- 4 mins 30 secs     

Erasing the White Cube follows a furry character slowly and deliberately ‘blacking’ out a castle.  Filmed in infrared, evoking feelings of CCTV and being watched, are we witnessing a crime? Or maybe the destruction of our castle’s, our homes?

Erin Coates is an artist based in Perth, Western Australia who has exhibited widely in Australia and also held shows in China and Canada. Her artworks utilize sculpture, video and two-dimensional media and focus on the nature of constructed space and the means through which it is demarcated.

Photographer Justin Spiers lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. He has exhibited throughout Australia including the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, The National Portrait Gallery, Canberra in 2009 and 2010 and Span gallery in Melbourne as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival

See Erin and Justin’s collaborations at: www.erincoates.net