Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Feature Five  
Week Seven

White Walls between Silence Series

Chloe Lelliott (UK)

Based in Brighton UK, the deserted architectural spaces that Lelliott captures are strangely performative. 
 Laying silent, devoid of the events and inhabitants' actions that realise their functionality, these 
spaces are subverted, their true identities unknown.

Live TV

Angel Miov (MK)

Miov's practice mixes video, installation, performance and photography to explore ideas such as 
"the identity of the artist versus the identity of the artwork." How do the expressions of artist and 
artwork influence the identity of each? Based in Skopje, Miov's work was shown at the National 
Gallery of Macedonia as a part of the XIV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe 
and the Mediterranean (BJCEM).

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Volumptuous Exterior

Ellyn Rose (AUS)

Currently based in Australia, Rose creates sculptural works that explore the stigma of illness and its ability to create a disjointed sense of self in the sufferer. From this state of being Rose's works begin to challenge the distinction between the beautiful and grotesque, believing that "man does not have a body, man is a body". 
Rose navigates these boundaries with humour and experimental media as her practice 
becomes increasingly concept driven.


Clean Crystal Clear

Maja Kirovska (MK)

Kirovska is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is based in an exploration of the elements,
forces and equilibrium that construct the world and their nature of these structures to flip 
between stability and flux.

Untitled (Circle)

Adam Fearon (UK)

Based between Geneva and London, Fearon often uses himself as an active apparatus to create 
works which revolve around a preoccupation with repetition, participation and apparition.