Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Feature Five  
Week Six

Grid No. 3

Marina Visic (CRO)

Based in Netherlands, Visic works within an ambivalence between the sensate world and 
formal minimalism. With an obsession for geometric pattern and modern architecture, her 
painted, drawn and photographic works evoke an undulating relativity between what is felt 
and measured in the world.

Untitled (Forest)

Mark McCullough (UK)

Based in London, McCullough's practice revolves around the exploitative possibilities 
of photographic processes. Using sculpture in conjunction with his pursuit to "exaggerate 
the flattening qualities inherent in photography", McCullough looks to bring the notion 
of the 'photograhic object' into question.
Amanda Brown (AUS)

Based in Western Australia, Brown uses a variety of photographic media to explore the identities 
of the environments she encounters by travelling to remote communities such as 'Pukatja' which 
borders South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Green Grass

Kate Hill (AUS)

Currently based in Melbourne, Hill's works are a fresh take on traditional print processes. 
She was recently awarded a Highly Commended prize at the Port Jackson Australia 
Graduate Print Award 2011. 


Benjamin Fox (UK)

 Working across sculpture, video, photography and animation, Fox's practice has a distinctly 
theatrical sensibility. Based in London, Fox uses this collage of elements to explore the 
adaptation of humans in urban environments

Kuna Yala Climate Change Refugees (Panama 2010)

Francesco Vicenzi (ITA)

Currently based in Melbourne, Vicenzi's works are as far reaching as the travel he undertakes 
to capture his subjects. With a strong sensibility for the ever-changing world, it is Vicenzi's political 
and cultural snapshots that seize a particularly arresting candor in his subjects.