Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Feature Five 
Week Four

" L"

Claire Barrett (UK)

With a recurring curiosity in how the natural world is structured by elements of limitation and the sublime, 
 Barrett creates landscapes that offer alternative spatial encounters.

borderland ii

Clyde McGill (AUS)

McGill is an interdisciplinary artist whose art comprises performance, video, drawing, 
photography, print, installation and artist books. His current interests include borders, 
politics, film, loss, writing, inside/outside, self portraiture, 
conversation, and language.

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Ink and Paper 1, 2, 3

Heidi Kozar (AUS)

A recent graduate from the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, Kozar's practice 
is a subtle assertion of aquatint and woodblock print processes.

Forms to Freedom

Craig Burgess (AUS)

 Burgess works across disciplines such as photography, drawing and painting to 
investigate "dualism, division and frontiers." Based in Melbourne, his practice develops 
from an interest in exploring ideas that transcend form.

Untitled 01

Sam Still (USA)

Oscillating between dark/light, figure/ground, and negative/positive space, 
Still's large scale works invite viewers to linger. "Are these empty vessels, 
or spatial voids that contain one strange object?"- Sam Still