Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Feature Five  
Week Five

I Just Like It Here

Todd Anderson-Kunert (AUS)

Based in Melbourne, Anderson-Kunert employs photography and sound as he explores 
the dynamics of human interaction, states of mind and how this manifests psychologically 
within intimate relationships.

Lacuna Series 3

Wendy Tuxill (UK)

Tuxill's practice stems from her fluid investigation into the material possibilities of porcelain 
through process led sculptural drawings. With expressive, ordered and chaotic linear qualities, 
Tuxill's works emphasise the inherent ephemeral nature of liquid porcelain.

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Untitled (Fruit)

Gemma Pardo (ESP)

Pardo uses video and photography to explore locations where human intervention and natural 
cycles coincide, transforming and revealing their intricacies over time.  Based in London, Pardo's 
captivating work has been emerging internationally following her selection for the 

Captive, Impossible

Adam Kite (UK)

 Drawing on elements of euclidean space and geometry, Kite's work investigates the ways that sight
as a projected phenomenon can influence the viewers perception. Using projection and photography, 
Kite's works create an illusive blur between perceived space and tactile object, encouraging 
the viewer to construct the spaces they encounter.


Isabel Infantes (ESP)

Based in London with a professional background in photography, Infantes searches everyday 
scenes for the figures and moments that go undetected in chaotic urban environments.