Trans-Siberian Arts Centre
Feature Five
Week Three

 Dreaming Bee 2

Megan Evans (AUS)

Based in Melbourne Australia, Evans utilises photography, video and installation to create 
luminous work that examines the nature of community dynamics and social change. 

Artery Heart Bypass, Taupo 2010 (Top), Raycroft Intervention Christchurch 2009 (Above)

James Voller (NZ)

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Voller works with photography and site specific 
installation to investigate notions of 'place' within the changing psyche of the New Zealanders. 
Where and how does 'home' exist in transitory urban spaces?

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0123 (from Museum of Contemporary Rubbish exhibition)

Alice Bradshaw (UK)

 Bradshaw uses a variety of working processes to manipulate everyday objects 
and materials. Her works accentuates the subtleties of mass-produced and anonymous 
objects, rendering them simultaneously mundane and absurd.

Immortalizing the famous friends: Berlin

Patricia Pisanelli (BRA)

 "I like the idea of a square comprising a circle and a group of small rectangles where people put their clothes in. 
I also like the idea of a person swimming in a purple, jelly-like liquid that could smell of flowers and sugar, 
which is just another photo on some product on the shelf of the off-license.
One thing emerges from another that relates to that other that had nothing to do with it." 
- Patricia Pisanelli

The Race

Ruth Pringle (UK)

Pringle is an interdisciplinary, conceptual artist with a eclectic practice linked to her ability 
to create extraordinary scenes from ordinary objects. Currently based in France, she 
integrates works inspired by place, community and history into public areas.